Reagenz – Space for Artistic Experiments consists of two adjoining small storefronts: Reagenz – the studios of Nayarí Castillo and Hanns Holger Rutz – and Reagenz Ost – a project and exhibition space – located in Morellenfeldgasse 11, Graz, AT. The studios are equipped with a small kitchen and a meeting room. The project and exhibition space features a bedroom and work room for artists in residence and collaborators.

The partnership between artists from different fields and the possibility of inviting national and international art makers and providing them with temporary work space and accommodation make Reagenz a space that is open in many directions and suitable for diverse configurations.


  • Two small studios, and another for a guest (national or international) with sleeping facilities.
  • A shared kitchen / reception / lounge.
  • A storage room where pieces, materials, and tools are kept.
  • A gallery / showroom space for experiments in which current projects and installations can be seen.

Nayarí Castillo is funded with the KUNSTRAUM STEIERMARK grant 2021–2022.