Jun–Jul 2021

Aleatorium (Detail)
Aleatorium (Detail)

Nayarí Castillo & Hanns Holger Rutz

In the first Reagenz show after the Covid and winter break 2020/21, we present a new work in progress that assembles found objects, ceramic fragments, robot arms, sounds, light, and spatial text into an exploratory installation. 19.06.–11.07. Tue–Sat 14:00–19:00h.

This installation explores “uncoordinated” ways of collaboration, bringing together text, found and redesignated objects, sound, electronics and algorithms. The title suggests a rule, regime, or territory governed by erratic or random choices (from Lat. alea, the dice). As we are two human collaborators that often work asynchronously, and see what happens when heterogeneous elements collide, the installation features two small robotic arms that similarly engage in an asynchronous activity, becoming a sort of oracle connected by the impacting sound of ceramic pieces dropped into a metal dispenser.